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Use Recover Data software to recover deleted files/data emptied from recycle bin or bypassed
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2 February 2012

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Often a user deletes a file, re-deletes it from the recycle bin, and then realizes that he should have waited a bit longer. Recover Data Software is an excellent program designed to prevent heart attacks if you already didn’t get one seeing the loss of that important file. Standard recovery options are used, the software recovers from partitions lost or deleted, missing or formatted – it will find and recover as much as it can. Data may also be recovered from a crashed hard drive and even USB drive. The interface is light and easy to understand, and the remote recovery feature helps data recovery professionals administer a recovery from their own premises. Wide variety of extensions is supported for recovery, but the sound file extensions supported could be a bit more – no real media files supported, no AAC either. Ouch! This software is no small fish – it is greatly recommended by top recovery experts and has received rave reviews by many a magazines. We do not want to imply that you ever need it, but in case you do, this one is a genius.

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Get perfect Recover Data Software to recover deleted files and folders that has been deleted by pressing SHIFT + DEL Key. Recover Data offers best file recovery software to get back deleted data from windows partitions. Recover Data Software is the best data recovery tool to design specifically for Windows, Linux, Mac and Novell partitions to restores deleted files/folders from formatted hard drive. This data recovery software smoothly recover data from crashed hard drives, USB drives etc. Recover Data Software is equipped with four powerful recovery modes i.e. Quick Scan, Exhaustive Scan, Raw Recovery, & Disk Imaging. Desktop Recovery mode is designed for Home Users to recover lost data. Disk Imaging Recovery Option helps users to recover their data from disk having bad sectors. Raw Recovery Mode allows users to search and recover particular files with specific file extensions and file header signatures. Exhaustive Scan option works well when your Quick Scan mode is fails to complete work. Recover Data organization provide you Remote recovery feature is designed for advanced users such as data recovery service providers, technicians, system administrators, computer experts etc to recover remote data using online data recovery feature available within the software. Software recovers graphics files (.bmp, .gif, .jpg, .pcx, .psd, .cdr), document files (.txt, .cpp, .ini, .xls, .ppt, .mdb, .doc), zipped files (.zip, .rar, .tar), sound files (.mp3, .wav, .mp4), media files (.avi, .dat, .mpeg, .mov) and other file types. Recover Data Software is recommended by many data recovery service providers, forensic experts, evidence recovery specialists and rated as best data recovery software by many shareware vendors, pc magazines and data recovery labs. Download free DEMO of the Recover Data Software and analyze your disk for lost data and deleted files.
Recover Data Software
Recover Data Software
Version 3.0
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